Heroes are the essence of LoMM.

Hero squad - zoom

They are your strength, your attach and also your defense. Picking your Heroes is one of the most important decisions of the game. Although it can be changed at any time, always make sure you keep a good balance between the different types of Heroes in your squad to reach a better performance.

Heroes Stats:

  • Hero info - zoom-0
    ATK - Attack: Basic attack power
  • DEF - Defense: Defense points responsible for reducing incoming damage
  • SPD - Speed: Determines the attack order with the battle begins, the Hero with the highest Speed will attack first and so on
  • Mov - Movement: How many fields can the Hero move per round
  • Crit Chance - Critical chance: Chances of the Hero striking a critical strike
    Skills - zoom
  • Crit DMG - Critical Damage: Extra damage done by the Hero when he/she strikes a critical hit
Equipment - zoom

Heroes also have characteristics that you need to combine in order to form a balanced squad like: element, race and weapon type. For example: if you all your Heroes are Fire-type, when you face a Water-type enemy you will be in disadvantage.

Can't beat that enemy? Make your Heroes stronger!!!

Heroes can be summoned at the Hero Altar and can be improved in 3 basic ways: Level, Stars and Equipment.

Hero institute - zoom
  • Level - Level can be improved at Hero Institute, increases basic
    Smithy - zoom
    stats and unlocks new skills
  • Stars - Stars can be upgraded at the Hero Enhance Room once you have enough Hero Shards. Once stars are upgraded, the Hero basic stats will be improved, new skills are unlocked and once the Hero reaches 3 stars you can unlock his/her awaken quest to take it to the next level.
  • Equipment - Equipment can upgrade at the Smithy and the Tree of Ages. There 4 types of equipments per Hero and they are the biggest contributor to Hero's stats as they don't unlock spells and skills.

You can view all the Hero specific information by clicking on the "!" sign in game or on the links below:

Leone, Jack, Lucas, Wright