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Welcome to the wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about Legends of Mighty Magic that anyone, including you, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

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Heroes of Mighty Magic is a turnbased adventure game, available for both Android and iOS. Assemble your team of Heroes and fight against enemies, from simple goblins to the strongest of demons in a strategy game that will make you go crazy.

You can evolve your Heroes and your Base to defend against other players attacks and develop complex tactics to show the world who is the strongest!

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  • new page Verra
    created by Vmoura 34 seconds ago
    New page: Name: Verra Title: Punisher Lore: He was a God of Oathland but sacrificed his soul to the Light and becomes the powerful Punisher. Verra the Divine...
    Added photos:
  • edit Legends of Mighty Magic Wiki
    edited by Vmoura 1 day ago diff
    Summary: Pages:
  • new page Persha
    created by Vmoura 1 day ago
    New page: Name: Persha Title: Medusa Lore: Outstanding battle skills including terrify gaze of Petrification. She deserves the name of Goddess....
    Added photos:
  • edit Gangrel
    edited by Vmoura 2 days ago diff
    Added photos:
  • new page Quake
    created by Vmoura 2 days ago
    New page: Name: Quake Title: Shaman Lore: Mastered in controlling souls that saves allies as well as imprison enemies in crucial moments. Characteristics: ...
    Added photos:
  • new page Gangrel
    created by Vmoura 2 days ago
    New page: Name: Gangrel Title: Blood Lore: Gangrel was responsible for the death of Knight Chris. But his jealousy was not even satisfied. Sold his soul to the...
  • new page Alissa
    created by Vmoura
    New page: Name: Alissa Title: Bowman Lore: To your weapons and follow me! Let's make some noise! Characteristics: Water Elf Female Archer Initial stats: HP:...
    Added photos:
  • new page Carlos
    created by Vmoura
    New page: Name: Carlos Title: Dragonslayer Lore: The mountain tribe was in war against the dragons. Price Carlos was once able to kill a wounded dragon by his...
    Added photos:

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